Dairy Fresh Foods Limited

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We are a Northern Ireland based specialist wholesaler company servicing the pizza industry and catering trade across the province for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our friendly personal service and in the high quality of our products.

Please review our basic product list below and do not hesitate to contact us if the item you require is not mentioned but is relevant to the pizza trade.

Orders can be place at your convenience 24 hours per day by ringing us on 028 3833 2359, using our answer machine facilities or by email at: info@dairyfreshfoods.co.uk

Many thanks for your interest.

Terry McCullough
Managing Director

Cheeses Sliced/cut meats Halal-certified meats

Mozzarella (Glanbia), block
Mozzarella (Glanbia), diced

Fiorello Mozzarella, shred

Continental mozzarella, diced

Cheddar, shred

Ham, Julienne cut
Pork pepperoni
Beef pepperoni
Extra hot & spicy pepperoni
Diced ham
Chicken breast diced (cooked)
Chicken breast fillets (cooked)
Canadian bacon
Sliced German salami

Smoked Turkey Strips (Bacon flavour)
Beef Pepperoni
Beef Salami
Julienne Turkey Ham

Bulk meats (uncut) Dry goods Flour, Dough balls, Breads

Garlic salami

Hot chicken wings

Cooked Chicken Goujons (Breaded)

Cooked Chicken Goujons (Southern Fried)

Irish Block Ham (Chilled)

Pork Shoulder

Plum tomatoes
Pineapple pieces pizza cut
Olive oil
Sweet corn
Plain pizza sauce
Spiced pizza sauce
Large black olives
Sliced Black Olives
Fresh yeast block
Sliced Jalapeno

Sugal pizza sauce

Whitworths Selecta pizza flour
Bakers blended lever flour
Golden Fleece flour
Premium strong flour

Pizza Man dough balls
Kara dough ball

Burger Baps
Mini French sticks
½ Baguettes

Others Miscellaneous Items Pizza boxes

Cooked Sliced Kebab meat
Pitta bread, (Pride Valley)
Potato wedges
Garlic & Parsley spread

Full Range of Rich Sauces- Mayonnaise, Taco, BBQ, Cajun, Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli etc.

For example:

Pizza Bags
Pizza box lid support tripods
Pizza Docker
Pizza Cutter

Please contact us if the item you require is not listed here

White food quality board in sizes:

* 7"
* 8"
* 9"
* 10"
* 12"
* 15"
* 16"